Fuck The Mayor (Black & Yellow)
Fuck The Mayor (Black & Yellow)

Fuck The Mayor (Black & Yellow)

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Mayor Eric Adams' attempted to shut down our Juneteenth celebration. He sent 30 cops, 20 cars, drones, sent out a citywide memo for what? To stop us from showing a good time to Bronx children who live in the poorest congressional district. The towed our car and charged every fee imaginable, stole belongings from in the car, turned away trucks full of bouncy houses and game, and so much more. 

Our victory came from people being unafraid! We stayed outside and ate laughed and made the most of our day. However, we lost $10,000 of your money. The money use to serve you and The People. We will sell these "Fuck The Mayor" T-shirts until we recover every dime (400 SHIRTS). We Love Y'all and We Won't stop until our People are FREE.

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